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Company overview

Stratus Capital Solutions Ltd. is an independent  European based advisor specializing in the management, servicing and resolution of residual assets, illiquid and impaired fund interests including Hedge Funds, Private Equity, FoHFs and the management of ‘tail’ positions in liquidating vehicles.

The company’s services are designed to enable independent, transparent and more efficient management of residual and illiquid fund interests and portfolios by focusing on identifying and providing solutions and alternatives that translate into greater economics and operational efficiencies. 

Stratus was formed by the Vontobel Group in May 2012 mandated, to liquidate, service and manage the illiquid FoHF portfolios and other vehicles in liquidation formerly managed by Harcourt Investment Consulting AG, with an aggregate combined value of $350mm.

As of January 2015, Stratus was successfully spun-out of Vontobel Group, and since operates completely independently with an expanded scope of services. 

Stratus‘s services are best applicable to institutional investors and service providers involved in the process of review, divesting, managing and restructuring of interests of residual and / or illiquid and impaired fund assets and vehicles.

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