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Key Differentiators

Alignment of Interests

  • Stratus is independent and is not affiliated with any investment entities that benefit from investment and/or brokerage of residual or illiquid fund interests.

  • Stratus does not own or manage investment vehicles that purchase such assets in the secondary market, participate in brokering such transactions, nor profit from transaction volume or predatory bidding.

  • Alignment of interest between Stratus and clients is achieved through fee structuring - compensation is based on actual capital flowing back to clients, rather than on Notional AuM or NAV.


Presence in key centers of fund activity

  • Members of management or partners are located in the key fund and hedge fund jurisdictions and centers of activity - New York, Switzerland and direct relations in Luxembourg.


Confidentiality & Compliance

  • Stratus legal & compliance background ensures that Clients, Managers and other affiliated entities are protected by industry best practices of confidentiality. Our experience extends to managing the sensitivities inherent in hedge fund and PE investing, providing clients with valuable, actionable transparency while adhering to the strictest levels of confidentiality as related to Fund holdings.

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