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Fee Structure & Alignment of Interests

  • Stratus compensation is typically structured based on actual capital flowing back to investors. Services are priced based on client requirements and are composed of liquidity based variable fees and periodic fixed fees. Fixed fees are based on complexity of the engagement; total fees are weighted in favor of actual liquidity achieved. 

  • Set-up and on-boarding fees – where applicable, determined based on number of line items, complexity and available data related to the mandate.

  • For “Research / independent valuation-only” Services - fees are fixed based on the number of assets, funds or structures covered, their corresponding complexity and reporting requirements.


Pricing for Stratus's services is unique to each client and based on:

  • Size of mandate – number of Fund portfolios, number of residual assets, ie Hedge Fund interests, PE investments interests and ownership stakes in underlying companies.

  • Services Provided - Comprehensive Advisory and Liquidation, intermediary exit services, and bespoke solutions.

  • Nature of holdings - holding types and complexity, i.e. Private Equity, Side Pockets vs. Interests in Bankruptcy Estates and litigations.

  • Jurisdiction of mandate.

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